Get The Inside Scoop On This Year's 'ShortList' Competition

TheWrap's second annual "ShortList" Online Film Festival is currently underway, and voting is open for you to choose which two short films will play on one of MTV's networks for the world to see.

All you have to do to check out this year's slate of films and vote for a winner is head over to the "ShortList" site to view the 12 very different shorts that are up for the top prize, as judged by industry insiders like Destin Cretton, the writer-director behind the indie darling "Short Term 12."

TheWrap also has rundown on some of the entries and the stories behind them.

Their first story fleshes out the details of the stop-motion short "Fear of Flying," the story of a bird trying to escape the inclimate weather, "Black Metal," which follows a rocker after he hears that a song of his served as the inspiration for a murder, and "The Last Ice Merchant," one of the competitions two docs.

TheWrap's other story fills us in on "The Pub," an animated look at one of North London's watering holes, "Magnesium," a real-life story about a gymnasts last shot at glory, and "Whateverest," another doc in competition.

Head over to "The ShortList's" site to get a full rundown on the films featured in the competition this year, before voting closes on August 29.