‘Breaking Bad’ Miley Edition: Hank And Marie Watch The VMAs

On Sunday night, there was a very peculiar overlap in the TV schedules. The latest episode of “Breaking Bad” aired during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. The natures of both shows create big topics of conversation on Twitter, but they also crossed over in a way that was totally unexpected.

Miley obviously won the “Most talked about moment” of the show. Her twerking with Robin Thicke was just about everywhere in the day after the show. Everyone was talking about it, or watching the video if they hadn’t seen it already. Everyone, including Hank and Marie Schrader.

A viral video from YouTube user Sam Barnett combined two of the big topics of conversation from Sunday night into one amazing mash-up.


As anyone who watched the most recent episode of “Breaking Bad” knows, Walter gives a taped confession to Hank and Marie that turns out to be less of an admission of guilt and more the greatest, most sinister power move of all time.

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