J.J. Abrams Mystery Video Solved And An Update On Another Secretive Project

So it would appear that the mystery around Bad Robot's viral video from yesterday has already been solved.

Bleeding Cool has done a little sleuthing and compared the "Soon he will know" text that appeared in yesterday's video, entitled only "Stranger," and compared it to a promotional postcard that The Huffington Post published around the release of "S.," a book project from Bad Robot that stemmed from a collaboration between J.J. Abrams and author Doug Dorst.

Even though the video is a slight disappoint because it doesn't point to anything "Star Wars" related or "Cloverfield 2," "S." does sound like it could be interesting. The book, which hits shelves on October 29, incorporates notes written in the margin of the novel. That's pretty much all we know so far, but expect more from this viral campaign.

The other possible explanation for the video that was bandied about before the "S." discovery was the Rod Serling script Abrams recently acquired, "The Stops Along the Way." ComingSoon.net dug some interesting info on that script up, which you can read more about after the jump!

In the fervor to get some answers about the "Stranger" mystery, ComingSoon dug up a 1997 issue of Broadcasting & Cable that featured a short description of "The Stops Along the Way," which was reportedly made up of four scripts intended to be a television series.

"['The Stops Along the Way' is] an overview of the 20th century from the perspective of a man about to enter the next millennium," the article says of the project's official logline. "The show's main character, who represents the nation's conscience, travels back and forth through the 20th century to take part in historic events."

That's certainly right up Bad Robot's alley. Hopefully we see this sometime soon, instead of it getting swept aside in the massiveness that is "Star Wars."