Potential Release Date And Ghost Kenobi Lead 'Star Wars' Rumor Round-Up

Star Wars

There seems to be a timed release schedule for "Star Wars" rumors of varying believability because they've been coming every three days or so. But to believe that would be even worse than buying some of the ludicrous casting rumors.

First up, Latino Review posted an "exclusive" late last week that claimed Ewan McGregor was set to return for "Episode VII." Their confirmation amounted to "three close [anonymous] sources that are on the project" and a junket interview from "The Impossible" where McGregor said he'd come back if producers needed him.

"I guess, yeah, of course," McGregor told Digital Spy when asked if he'd come back. "If they need me, yeah, I'd be happy." He then goes onto say that he knows nothing about it. Hardly a confirmation.

Elsewhere in the "Star Wars" rumor universe, new talk about a potential release date certain has more of the ring of truth to it. Badass Digest just published a report that claims Disney is eyeing a December 2015 release date, specifically the 15th, for "Episode VII." The later release date would give the production, which is already relatively short, more time to make the thing, but it would also break the "Star Wars" tradition of May releases.

The talk of a crammed production schedule comes after rumors circulated about Abrams' not being happy with Lucasfilm and then a mysterious absence at D23 left fans wanting more and some crying foul.

As always, we'll have to wait and see what becomes official and what doesn't, but either way, production should start early next year.