'Mortal Instruments' Star Lily Collins On Her Character And Why She's Not Bella

If you take a look at "Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" without knowing anything about Cassandra Clare's beloved series, you might confuse it for "just another" YA series. It's got a young female heroine that gets entwined in a supernatural love triangle.

But that doesn't take the specific of Clary, the hero of "Mortal Instruments" in to account. As MTV News learned when speaking with the actress who plays her, Lily Collins, there's more to Clary than haters might think.

"She has this sassy comedic undertone, which Jace brings out in her, as well as Simon. She doesn't choose to become part of this other world. She already is a shadow hunter, unlike Bella maybe, who chooses to become a vampire," Collins said. "She doesn't let romance define her. She's on this single track to get her mom back. She doesn't victimize herself. She's always thinking of new answers to questions, instead of letting people solve it for her."

Clary can also run in high heels like it's her business, something that Collins might have to change if they end up making a sequel. "It was difficult [running in heels], but I never fell once. Any awkwardness as Lily, running around in heels and a short dress, I could play off as Clary, so really, it worked out for me," she said. "But I am having wardrobe talks for the next one, and I am probably going to request a little shorter heels or a little less revealing."

"Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" opens on August 21.

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