Harrison Ford Talks His 'Air Force One' Reunion In 'Paranoia'

It was 16 years ago that Harrison Ford, acting as the president of the United States, told Gary Oldman to get off his airplane.

Fast forward almost two decades and the happy couple from "Air Force One" is once again sharing the screen, albeit in slightly different roles.

In "Paranoia," Ford and Oldman play corporate rivals, who started off as best friends, and it's the actor behind heroes like Han Solo and Indiana Jones that gets to flex his villain muscles this time around.

As Ford told MTV News, he was excited to get the one-up on Oldman for once. "It's a rare opportunity to play a worse villain than Gary plays," he said. "These are old friends who have turned against each other, the worst kind of enemies. It was a great pleasure to work with him again. I was looking forward to it."

For his big turn as a villain, Ford gave himself a more sinister haircut to go along with the role. He shaved his head pretty closely, a choice that he said was affected by his previous movie. "It was a practical choice," he said. "I had shaved my hairline up to do '42,' and my hair wouldn't be back in time. So I shaved my head."

"Paranoia" opens in theaters on August 16.