This Is What ‘Attack Of The Clones’ Would Have Been Like If It Was Good

Are you ready to be really disappointed? Michael from Belated Media is back with yet another rewrite for the “Star Wars” prequel trilogy, and this time he’s taking his eraser to “Attack of the Clones” in the hopes of rewriting it to match the awesomeness of the original trilogy and his re-written “Phantom Menace.”

The story picks up again with Obi-Wan Kenobi more squarely at the heart of the story, no Jar Jar, less politics, and Darth Maul is still alive.

What follows is a new version of “Attack of the Clones” that gets rid of all the boring stuff like politics and aimless discussions about whether sand is good or not, and instead focuses on building the bond between Obi-Wan and his apprentice Anakin, since the two never seemed like the best buds we were led to believe they were.

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