'Star Wars': No Title Reveal At D23, So We Want Your Suggestions

Star Wars

So D23 is over, and we still don't know anything about "Star Wars: Episode VII."

Was it fair for the crowd in Anaheim to boo Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn when he announced that there wouldn't be anything new about the upcoming sequel? Probably, since that had been the clear expectation of the fans that bought the tickets to Saturday's event, the first time any single day at D23 sold out ahead of time, Disney could have and should have recognized that.

But as this Huffington Post article points out, the titles of new "Star Wars" movies rarely become public knowledge more than a year out from the official release date. Why should "Episode VII" be any different, especially J.J. Abrams' involvement likely ramps up the secrecy levels across the board?

If there's one common thread through all the "Star Wars" episode titles, it's that they're all pretty ambiguous. "A New Hope." "The Empire Strikes Back." "Attack of the Clones." None of them address the story that directly, so how hard could it really be to guess the title? Let's give this a shot.

"Star Wars: Episode VII - The New Class"

"Star Wars: Episode VII - Generations"

"Star Wars: What Is It Good For?"

"Star Wars: Episode VII - The Legend of Obi Wan's Gold"

"Star Wars: Episode VII - Star Trek Into Darkness"

But we want to hear your suggestions? What do you want the new "Star Wars" movie to be called? Hit us up with your title in the comments below and on Twitter, and we'll roundup the best!

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