Tom Hiddleston Takes On Captain Hook And Sings About The 'Bear Necessities'

Tom Hiddleston might be best known for playing the villainous Loki in "The Avengers," but he's taking on an even better known bad guy for an upcoming animated movie.

At D23, the creators of "Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy" revealed that Hiddleston's role in the movie is none other than Captain James Hook, the one-handed scourge of Neverland and arch-nemesis of Peter Pan, and he spoke with MTV News about taking on the role after watching the character and his many iterations for his entire life.

"Yeah, I've been watching them all. I watched the old 'Peter Pan.' I even remember Dustin Hoffman play it in 'Hook,' " Hiddleston said. "I actually saw Sir Ian McKellen play Captain Hook at the National Theatre in London ages ago when I was a child, so I feel like Hook has been in my psyche for a while."

But this version of the captain is a singing one, and Hiddleston got to show off his pipes for the D23 crowd, even if that wasn't his original intention.

After he came on stage to talk about his work on "Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy," Hiddleston wanted to express his love of Disney, so he told a story about his days in acting class. He had the assignment of singing a song a cappella, and while his classmates pulled from classic Broadway musicals, Hiddleston sang "The Bear Necessities" from "The Jungle Book."

Once the audience got wind of this, they essentially demanded it from Hiddleston. "So I did and lost all my dignity," he joked afterward.

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