The Weekend Plan: 'Lovelace,' 'Clear History', And Beyonce's New 'Do


Don't get stuck watching YouTube videos of cats riding Roombas all weekend. Check out these weekend movie picks.

On the Big Screen: "Lovelace"

Sure, Jennifer Aniston may be a drug-smuggling stripper in "We're the Millers" this weekend, but Amanda Seyfried turns it up to 11 as porn star Linda Lovelace. She's been all over town talking about how liberating the nudie scenes were and how much fun she had filming with a Popsicle prop. This will no doubt have guys zipping over to their local movie theater quicker than Leo DiCaprio with his jetpack.

On the Boob Tube: "Clear History"

It's hard to say what's sexier: Seyfried as a porn star, or Larry David with long hippie hair and a beard? In Clear History, which premieres this Saturday night on HBO, the famously balding funnyman appears as a bizarre mix between Jesus and Jeff Bridges. He plays Nathan Flomm, a Silicon Valley exec that bails on his business partner (played by Jon Hamm) only to see his former company rake in billions. Humiliated by his seriously colossal mistake, he hides out in Martha's Vineyard until his past catches up with him and, oh yes, hilarity ensues. The epic cast alone is worth leeching off one of your friends who has HBO—there's Michael Keaton, Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, Kate Hudson, and Bill Hader, to name a few.

It should be a good laugh for anyone who's ever let a genius idea get away, like my dad, who claims he dreamed up a version of the iPhone while on a fishing trip in the 80s; or my friend, who insists that she coined the phrase, "Whoever smelt it dealt it" (though I'm not sure what the trademark value is on fart jokes). Anyway, we'll all need a jovial moment to relish in our shortcomings before next week’s Steve Jobs biopic, "Jobs," highlights what dunces the rest of us are.

From the Vaults of Your DVD Collection: "Cadillac Records"

Because we know you cannot get enough Beyoncé haircut coverage (stories from USA Today, the San Francisco Chronicle, and every blog ever created just didn’t suffice), dust of your ’08 copy of "Cadillac Records" and enjoy 109 minutes of shorthaired Bey bliss. Adrien Brody is in it, too, and he also has a pixie cut.