First Look At Daniel Radcliffe In His Upcoming Rom-Com 'The F Word'

Daniel Radcliffe

Thanks to roles in movies like "The Lady in Black" and "Kill Your Darlings," Daniel Radcliffe has found himself with a blossoming film career outside the world of Harry Potter. Now, he's venturing in the world of romantic comedies with "The F Word," which is headed to the Toronto International Film Festival.

In the first still from the film, Radcliffe sits across from this love interest in the movie, played by "Rudy Sparks" breakout Zoe Kazan. As the official TIFF description explains, Radcliffe's character finds himself in a all-to-common scenario.

The F Word Michael Dowse, Canada/Ireland World Premiere When Wallace meets Chantry, it could be love at first sight… except she lives with her long-term boyfriend. And so Wallace, acting with both best intentions — and maybe a little denial — discovers the dirtiest word in romance: friends. Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Adam Driver and TIFF Rising Star Megan Park.

Click past the jump to see MTV News' interview Radcliffe from the set of "The F Word."

"It's a romantic comedy about being stuck in the friend zone," Radcliffe said during our visit. "My character, Wallace, meets Zoe Kazan's character, Chantry, at the beginning of the movie. There's an instant connection, but he finds out she has a boyfriend so they embark on this friendship where he's kind of secretly pining for her all the time but trying to ignore that. She is possibly developing feelings for him as well but it's much more ambiguous from her end."