'Elysium' Clip Reminds Us Of 'District 9' Because It Isn't Afraid To Explode Dudes


If you haven't watched it in a while, you might have forgotten that "District 9" is a super violent movie. There are guys exploding, prawns exploding, prawns ripping guys into pieces. It's intense stuff.

With "Elysium" being Neill Blomkamp's second film after "D9," there's no reason to expect the new Matt Damon film to pull any punches in the gore department, especially when the two films share a look that's so similar.

A new clip from Machinima should scrap any doubt you might have about the levels of violence in "Elysium." Check it out after the jump!

The clip jumps right into the middle of an action sequence. Damon's character, Max, is on the run from an assassin named Kruger (Sharlto Copley), but the killer has a few hi-tech tools at his disposal, including small explosives that can lock onto moving targets.

You get the idea. "Elysium" opens in theaters everywhere today.

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