'All Is Lost' Trailer: Remember This One Come Oscar Time

Back in May, the new movie from J.C. Chandor, the Oscar-nominated writer and director of "Margin Call," starring Robert Redford, "All Is Lost," debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, and it wowed just about everyone. (Most of those reviews are quoted in single-word raves in the trailer.)

The first trailer for "All Is Lost" just debuted over at Yahoo! Movies, so check out the trailer above and learn more about the film after the jump!

Redford is simply credited as "Our Man," a sailor, out in the ocean all my himself. When a loose shipping crate tears a hole in the side of his yacht, Our Man must do what he can to survive and find land before the elements overtake him.

What really wowed the crowds in Cannes about Redford's performance is that Our Man is the only character in "All Is Lost," and he rarely speaks, putting him at the center of early Best Actor talk. Keep an eye on this one because you'll definitely be hearing a lot more about it.

"All Is Lost" opens on October 18.