'Lone Survivor' Trailer: Mark Wahlberg And Taylor Kitsch Can Be Heroes, But Only For One Day

Lone Survivor

After taking "Friday Night Lights" star Taylor Kitsch out to sea with the enormous flop "Battleship," director Peter Berg is going small-scale for his next military action pic, and he's bringing Tim Riggins along once again.

"Lone Survivor" is the true-life story of four Navy SEALS trapped behind enemy lines in Taliban territory, completely outnumbered. The soldiers in question are played by a venerable collection of indie film badasses... and Mark Wahlberg. The group includes Kitsch, Wahlberg, Ben Foster, Emile Hirsh, and Eric Bana, and based on the title, it doesn't sound like all of them are making it out alive.

The first trailer for "Lone Survivor" hit the web last night, and it looks like a more realistic take on life in the Navy than "Battleship." Specifically, it doesn't feature Brooklyn Decker walking into a bar and ordering a chicken burrito.

"Lone Survivor" opens on January 10, 2014.