'Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones' Set Visit Finds The Book's Author In Her Own World

Cassandra Clare, the author behind the series of hit YA books "The Mortal Instruments," got to walk into one of her own fantasies when she visited the Toronto set of the first film adaptation "City of Bones," and MTV News was there to capture the magic.

Clare used the word "surreal" to explain the feeling of hanging out on a set full of characters she created. "My husband says it's like being at Disneyland where all of the rides are based on my book," she said. "It has gone through a long process."

Like most Hollywood projects, "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" went through a number of false starts and stops, but Clare and passionate fan base remained hopeful that Clary and Jace would find their way to the big screen.

From the way Clare described it to MTV News' Josh Horowitz, she kept a level head throughout the process. "My grandfather was a movie producer. I grew up in the film industry," she said. "I always knew movies aren't really happening until they're actually filming, and I thought this will never really happen. And then when they got [director] Harald [Zwart] on board, I really started to believe it could because he has such a passionate commitment to the project, and he's a very emotion-focused director. And he really wanted to focus on the characters and their relationships to each other with the special effects second. And I thought that was a really great quality in a fantasy-film director."

"The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones" opens in theaters everywhere on August 21 and stars Lily Campbell Bower.