John Williams Will Score 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

It's official. When "Star Wars: Episode VII" returns us to that galaxy far, far away, it will take us back with the familiar themes of John Williams, who will return to score the first film of the new trilogy. A press release and an accompanying video made the announcement over the weekend.

Hiring Williams is definitely a good step to getting back the faith of the "Star Wars" diehards that were miffed by the choices George Lucas made with the prequels, but if J.J. Abrams and company really want to bring back the good feelings of the original trilogy, there are a three specific themes that Williams should recreate.

Also, click past the jump for a Spotify playlist of William's best "Star Wars" themes.

"Binary Sunset"

If this theme makes it into "Episode VII" in the correct way, we're in very good shape. The music originally played as Luke watches the twin suns set over Tatooine and contemplates his future. It's an emotionally important moment that had the appropriate music to heighten it. Its inclusion in "Episode VII" in the same way would mean a doubling down on actual character moments, as opposed to stiff dialogue reading from Hayden Christensen.

"Blockade Runner"

Here we go! This is original "Star Wars" at its been. Thrilling, high adventure, always light and fun, but exciting. There are few pieces from Williams that capture that "Star Wars" spirit quite like the blaring horns of "Blockade Runner." Put the fun back in "Star Wars," and set it to this!

"Duel of Fates"

Yeah, I know, but Lucasfilm has to appeal to multiple generations of fans here. They're never going to come out right and say "Screw the prequels. Let's go back to how things were," because episodes 1, 2, and 3 were still incredibly lucrative films. "Duel of Fates" is a happy medium because it is part of the prequel trilogy, but it's also the one moment that older fans can point to and say, "Okay, that was actually pretty dope."