'The Simpsons' Supercut: Every Movie Reference From Seasons 1-5


"The Simpsons" has always been a show that likes to incorporate film references into its episodes in clever ways, many of them too subtle to catch on your first viewing. Since our love of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie will never, ever go away, we're very pleased to share a creation from our friends over at Next Movie that collects every cinematic nod from the first five seasons.

You're probably thinking "How could you possibly catch every single reference from 'The Simpsons,' even if it is just the first five season?" Well, the video is 20 minutes long, and should definitely be an indication of both the volume of movie references and the thoroughness of the supercut.

Check out the "Simpsons" movie reference supercut in the video above.

VMAs 2018