Kit Harington Talks About The Similarities Between 'Seventh Son' And 'Game Of Thrones'

Kit Harington is sure to be one of the biggest breakout stars from "Game of Thrones," considering the popularity of his character Jon Snow, and for his first foray into big-budget action, he's traveling to a fantasy world of a different kind.

"The Seventh Son" throws him into a much more fantastical adventure with significantly less violence and nudity, but a great deal more Jeff Bridges.

The cast stopped by MTV's Comic-Con Live to talk about their upcoming adventure film, and Harington talked about how his two fantasy roles compare and why he considers himself lucky as an actor.

"I've been really lucky in this, that it was a practical set. They minimized the amount of green screen quite heavily, so we had these incredibly big, huge scale sets, and it's the same on 'Game of Thrones,' " he said. "I've actually worked in a very practical way with stunts and things. It was the same on ['Seventh Son']. I'm lucky in that way. It was fun for that reason."

"The Seventh Son" opens on January 17, 2014.