'Linsanity' Sets An October Release Date

So we may be playing favorites a little here, but "Linsanity," the critical lauded documentary from this year's Sundance, was directed by Evan Jackson Leong, a former MTV News staffer. That's pretty cool. It was one thing to have a colleague's movie go to Sundance, but it's another thing to have the movie be great by all accounts.

After impressive runs at Sundance and SXSW, according to Variety, "Linsanity" is now scheduled for a limited run to start on October 4 in over a dozen major cities.

"Linsanity" follows Asian-American basketball superstar Jeremy Lin as he starts his character in the NBA. Leong followed Lin for months, even before he came off the bench of the New York Knicks to become a surprise star.

Check out a clip from "Linsanity" above!