'Crystal Fairy' Unedited: Michael Cera Makes Magic Happen With Sebastian Silva

Michael Cera

When Michael Cera and Sebastian Silva get together, "Magic" happens. Twice.

The "Arrested Development" actor made not one but two movies this year with the Chilean filmmaker: "Crystal Fairy" and "Magic Magic." The former is a psychedelic tale of an American traveling through Chile in search of a legendary hallucinogen. The latter is a psychological thriller featuring Cera as a jerk who plays on an emotionally fragile Juno Temple.

With "Fairy" hitting theaters today after a buzzy debut at Sundance, MTV News had a hell of an excuse to put them both in the "Unedited" hot seat.

MTV's Josh Horowitz got together with Cera and Silva for a sprawling 23-minute interview that covered their latest collaborations, Cera's recent return to "Arrested Development," memories of Comic-Con and much more. Check out the full interview in the player below.

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