'District 9' Director Says Sequel Outline Exists, Turned Down 'Star Wars'

District 9

Wired just published a new, fascinating profile of "Elysium" and "District 9" director Neill Blomkamp that has a lot of people talking.

Blomkamp is an interesting guy after all. His first feature film, a sci-fi movie about aliens, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. That movie, "District 9," also ended with a maddeningly teasing promise. Christopher Johnson, the "prawn" desperate to get home, told Wikus (Sharlto Copley) that he would return in three years with a cure for whatever was turning him into an alien.

Well, last year, the third anniversary of that promise came and passed without a word from Christopher Johnson or Blomkamp about the tentatively titled "District 10," but the director has given an update about that project and the news may excite hopeful fans.

As the article explains, "[Blomkamp and his writing/life partner Terri] Tatchell have written an 18-page treatment for 'District 10'—about which he'll say little more than that the story is "really f***ing cool"—but he's not prepared to commit to it. He's sure he'll come up with any number of other really f***ing cool ideas he might want to pursue first."

So "District 9" fans can at the very least take comfort that the story exists somewhere and that someday it may see the light of day.

The other piece of news from the Wired article that has everyone talking relates to another beloved sci-fi property, "Star Wars." Simon Kinberg, who is working on a spin-off movie for the franchise, "gingerly" asked if Blomkamp wanted in, but the director turned his friend down. Damn.

"Elysium" opens in theaters on August 9.