'Breaking Bad' Final Episodes: The New Teasers Decoded

Breaking Bad

You have to hand it to creator Vince Gilligan and the rest of the "Breaking Bad" team. They know exactly how to drive fans insane.

Their latest pieces of sadistic teasing about the final episodes of "Breaking Bad" come in the form of 10-second snippets from the new half-season. We get an image of a concerned Walter, a lethargic Jesse, and a furious Hanks. (A "furious Hank" sounds like something entirely different.) There is not a lot to these teasers on the surface, but there's a ton to read into them.

Click past the jump to see what we think is going on in the latest teasers from the final episodes of "Breaking Bad."


This, perhaps, is the clearest of the three. There's Walter in his whitey-tighties, as we were first introduced to him in the pilot, standing at the edge of his driveway looking for something. Walter's hands hang together in front of him as if he's holding something, but we can't see anything in his hands. If we had to take a wild guess, this looks like what we'd imagine Walter would do after finding his Gale Boetticher-signed copy of "Leaves of Grass" lying out in the bathroom.


Don't worry! Jesse isn't dead in this clip. If you look closely, you can see his eyes follow the cockroach that's crawling on the glass table top, but it looks like the post-meth cooking life hasn't been peaches for Mr. Pinkman. Perhaps Jesse has fallen to yet another drug-induced low.


Ok, so Hank doesn't look happy. There is some intense fire in Dean Norris' eyes, and it speaks loud and clear. Hank knows exactly who Heisenberg is, and it was one of the guy's closest to him. Merkert felt the sting of letting Gustavo Fring operate right under his nose, and you can bet that's what Hank is thinking as he speeds up in his car. Let's just hope he stays in control of that vehicle long enough to bring Walter to some kind of justice.

"Breaking Bad" returns for its final episodes on August 11.