'Godzilla' Sets His Scaly Sights On San Diego Comic-Con

It's almost been a year since the world got it's first hint at what a new and improved Godzilla might be like under the direction of Gareth Edward, and for this year's Comic-Con, there are many hints that we will be seeing a lot more of the big guy.

Also, watch the whole of "Blade Runner" in 60 seconds in today's Dailies!

» Godzilla is headed to Comic-Con, and there's a poster and a message from director Gareth Edwards to prove it. [IGN/Legendary]

» And it seems like something "Predators"-related also has its sights on Comic-Con. [Facebook]

» Drew Struzan did a print for "How To Train Your Dragon 2" that you can pick up at Comic-Con. [ComingSoon]

» The "Mad Max" video game does, in fact, look better than the "Rambo" game. [YouTube]

» "Blade Runner" in 60 seconds [1A4Studios]

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