'Pacific Rim' Cast Thanks Kanye West For His Rave Review

So Kanye West really enjoyed "Pacific Rim." Like a lot. He liked it so much that he tweeted about it twice and called Guillermo del Toro "a master."

When MTV News spoke with director Guillermo del Toro and the cast of "Pacific Rim," we asked how they felt when they heard about Yeezy's review.

Del Toro gushed, saying that any time anyone connects with his work, that is a special feeling. "Anytime anyone likes my work, that really, really is very emotional for me because an artist not exactly a socially able person," he said. "We are dysfunctional, socially. We work for what we create. I work for my monsters. I work for my robots. To see people connect with them emotionally is a blessing."

"Pacific Rim" opens in theaters on Friday, July 12.