Great, Big Movie Monster Brawl - Round 3: 'Monsters' Vs. 'King Kong'


After two rounds in MTV Movies Blog's Great, Big Movie Monster Brawl, age has been the main factor in winning reader votes to decide the ultimate big screen beast. Godzilla ruled Round 1, and now Round 2 looks to belong to the "Cloverfield" monster.

That will be the biggest challenge for one of our combatants in Round 3, what we're calling the Misunderstood Monster Division. Only you can decide the victor and the greatest giant monster of all time.

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Gareth Edwards blew everyone who saw his feature debut away by delivering a touching story inside the world of giant monsters. Edwards did all of the effects work himself and produced believable creatures on a shoestring budget.

"King Kong"

Since this is a tournament featuring modern giant monsters, we're talking about Peter Jackson's take on the Empire State Building climber. The newer version of Kong was given a whole new range of emotions thanks to Andy Serkis' first (but certainly not his last) motion capture performance as an ape.