Great, Big Movie Monster Brawl - Round 2: 'Cloverfield' Vs. 'Super 8'

Super 8

"The Host" stood no chance against Godzilla, who took the first round of MTV's Great, Big Movie Monster Brawl, but today, we're heading back to the States for a more homegrown kind of terror.

Our tournament to crown a true king of all movie monsters thrashes on today with what we're calling the Neville Page Division. He's the creature designer behind both of today's giants, the "Cloverfield" monster and the "Super 8" alien.

Pick which monster you think should come out on top after the jump!


This was the monster that, according to early fan theories, could have been Ultron, Cthulhu, or a giant whale, but what we got was a bizarre looking creature from Page and a surprisingly effective found footage movie from Matt Reeves and Drew Goddard.

"Super 8"

For his tribute to Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams dreamed up an extraterrestrial that just wanted to go home, but he wasn't nearly as cute as E.T. We waited for the big reveal just like "Cloverfield," and in the end, the two actually looked pretty similar.