Great, Big Movie Monster Brawl - Round 1: Godzilla vs. 'The Host'

Godzilla Host

We're not sure if you heard the ominous, thundering footsteps in the distance, but they mean only one thing. This Friday, Guillermo del Toro's ode the the kaiju movies of old, "Pacific Rim," will hit theaters like a giant fist punching a hole in a skyscraper.

For an occasion such as the release of "Pacific Rim," it doesn't feel like enough to simply tell you that the movie will open in theaters starting with the early shows Thursday night. We have to celebrate the return of the giant movie monster in a way that suits the genre: a winner-take-all battle royale of the best modern enormous beasts.

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This is where you come in. Every day this week, we will pit a new classic movie monster against another in a reader-voted poll with the championship round taking place on Friday. Today, we kick things off with the Radioactive Division.


You might be familiar with the king of all monsters. Godzilla had a somber beginning in the original film, which played as an allegory for the atomic bombs dropped on the king lizard's homeland, Japan. The monster may have left his darker undertones behind in favor of camp and terrible Matthew Broderick movies, but he is by far the most recognizable of all kaiju.

Monster from "The Host"

As if the Americans didn't learn the first time, when they indirectly created Godzilla, we now have a South Korean monster to deal with. "The Host" is easily one of the weirdest monster movies ever made, and it so happen, one of the most popular to ever come out in South Korea. This pollution-spawn baddie has become a cult classic since it premiered in 2006.