Amanda Seyfried Turns Porn Star In 'Lovelace' Trailer

Amanda Seyfried Lovelace

Amanda Seyfried's profile has been growing pretty steadily since her days as Karen Smith in "Mean Girls." Last year, she starred in a Best Picture nominee, "Les Misérables," and this year, she has a head-turning role that some critics at Sundance predicted could earn her some Oscar attention.

In "Lovelace," Seyfriend stars as the woman behind one of the most controversial movies of all time, "Deep Throat." Linda Lovelace rose quickly to stardom but suffered through one terror of a marriage before becoming an anti-porn activist.

The first trailer for "Lovelace" does a great job of setting the 1970s era of the film, as well as showing off what should be strong performances from both Seyfriend and Peter Sarsgaard, who plays Lovelace's husband Chuck Traynor.

Check out the trailer after the jump!

"Lovelace" opens in limited release on August 9.