The Mark Sanchez Buttfumble Film Is The Week's Most Important News

By Amelia Mularz

Ah, the sports flick. "Rocky," "Miracle," "Field of Dreams," "The Blind Side"—nothing inspires us like good ol’ American athletics on the big screen. That's why we were overwrought with enthusiasm this week to see the release of "An Unfortunate End," the silent film version of Mark Sanchez’s now infamous buttfumble play.

The 30-second movie lets us relive the agony and the ecstasy...scratch that...just the agony of that time Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez ran straight into another dude’s butt. It was Thanksgiving night; the Jets were playing the Patriots, and Sanchez fumbled the ball after a head-on collision with Brandon Moore’s rump. The Patriots then returned the loose ball 32 yards for a touchdown.

In a genius display of artistry, the folks at Silly Burrito have now created a silent film version of the epic foible. The piano music, the old-timey filter and the title cards between shots—all the elements of a vintage flick are there. And we think this movie is going places. Let's not forget that just a year ago a silent film won the Oscar for Best Picture. Certainly Sanchez’s buttfumble is on par with "The Artist. "

Plus, we’re thinking old sports bloopers may be a gold mine of untapped movie potential. What about a film noir version of that time the Toronto Raptors mascot totally wigged out?

Or maybe a sci-fi take on an incident involving a Mets fan and some slippery bleachers?

The possibilities are endless...