Sam Rockwell Is Into Some Sick, Sick Stuff

Call us naïve, but we felt like we knew a thing or two about Sam Rockwell, the star of movies like "The Way, Way Back." He likes to pick interesting roles and find ways to dance in whatever movie he happens to be starring in at the moment. But his recent run-in with MTV News' Josh Horowitz in a New York City hotel room has us questioning everything.

On the latest episode of After Hours, Sam and Josh get stuck sharing a hotel room when there aren't any more available. What begins as a nice way to make the best of a bad situation quickly becomes a trip to the dark side, when Rockwell's rubber-clad friend shows up to the party.

You'll have to watch to see how it all turns out for Josh, Sam Rockwell, and his gimp on the new episode of After Hours.

"The Way, Way Back" opens in theaters on July 5.