JGL, Lucy Liu Invited To Join the Academy (Wait, They Weren't Already Members?)


Today the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences invited 276 people from in front of and behind the camera to join the organization and, more importantly, vote annually for the Oscars.

The list contains names of several great filmmakers and actors who broke through in the recent years, like "Looper" director Rian Johnson, Lena Dunham, and Jack Huston from "Boardwalk Empire," but several of the invitees are pretty surprising, not in that they were invited, but that it took so long.

These are the actors we were surprised aren't already in the Academy — and how we imagine they reacted when they got the news.

Chris Tucker

Paula Patton

Charles Grodin

Emily Mortimer

Lance Henriksen

Jennifer Lopez

Jason Schwartzman

Rosario Dawson

Jason Bateman

Lucy Liu

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Emmanuella Riva

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