'Monsters University' Easter Eggs Revealed!

Monsters University

Pixar has a few traditions they bring back for every film — aside from making us cry. The animation studio has hidden Easter eggs and references to their past movies in almost every one of their films.

With the release of "Monsters University" last week, Disney has now shared the secret with all of us on where we can find the hidden nods this time around.

Check out the "Monsters University" Easter eggs after the jump!



This number refers to the classroom where John Lasseter, Brad Bird, Pete Docter, and Andrew Stanton studied at CalArts.


Pizza Planet Delivery Truck

The delivery truck in the drive away is the same one that carried Buzz and Woody to the now iconic pizza restaurant.



The ball with a star on it made its first appearance in a groundbreaking short produced in the early days of the studio.

"Monsters University" is in theaters now.