'Back To The Future' LEGO Set: 'You Built A Time Machine Out Of Toy Bricks?'

As we approach San Diego Comic-Con, the amount of toys being released around the event or exclusively at the gathering is piling up and forcing us to try to keep our inner child in check. But, as Brick Fanatics points, out there might be one set too tempting to turn down.

The "Back to the Future"-inspired LEGO set has been a few months in the making since it received the 100,000 votes needed to move into production, and now we're finally seeing the set that will go on sale this July 18. That's the first day of SDCC, but there's no direct indication that the set has anything to do with the convention.

So for now, get your finances in order for the mid-July release and start thinking of all the scenarios you'll play out with the set, which allows you to modify the Delorean to the various versions.