'Percy Jackson' Trailer Puts The 'Monsters' In 'Sea Of Monsters'

Percy Jackson

For a movie called "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters," the first trailers for the mythological sequel have been a little short on beasties. Sure, there's that mechanical bull thing and some of the new half-bloods making their way into the ranks of Percy and Annabeth, but we were still craving some serious monster action.

The new international trailer for "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters," however, does not have that problem. As pumped as we are for this movie and the monsters in it, we do have to warn you that the trailer does give away a lot of the film and pretty much covers the story from start to finish.

That being said, it gives you your best look yet at all of the action that is set to go down when "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" hits theaters on August 7.

Check out the trailer after the jump!

"Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" opens on August 7.

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