What the New 'Star Wars' Movies Need: Zuckuss


By Ryan Rigley

Now that production on "Star Wars VII' is starting to heat up, the flood gates have been opened for rumors a plenty regarding the film. Last Wednesday, Bleeding Cool intercepted a casting breakdown for the movie revealing seven brand new characters; late-teen female, young twenty-something male, late twenty-something male, seventy-something male, second young female, forty-something male, and thirty-something male.

While there may not be any character names revealed thus far, judging by the casting breakdown it's fairly safe to say that the previous rumor of Jaina and Jacen Solo being the main focus of the new trilogy is false. Han and Leia's twin children may not be appearing in "Star Wars VII" after all, but we can't help but wonder what memorable characters from the original trilogy will be showing up. Take Zuckuss for example, the Gand bounty hunter that briefly appears in "Empire Strikes Back."


A native of the planet Gand, Zuckuss possesses lungs that are only capable of breathing ammonia which is why he is always wearing a breathing apparatus off-world. He hails from a family of Gand findsmen, the species' elite religious trackers that are capable of locating their targets via meditation and divine omens. Zuckuss also has said uncanny tracking skills and an innate Force sensitivity, which has garnered him the nickname "The Uncanny One" amongst his fellow bounty hunters.

Zuckuss is one of the top bounty hunters in the galaxy, having worked for the Bounty Hunters' Guild, the Hutt Cartel, the Galactic Empire and even the Rebellion for a time. He is most often seen partnered with the bounty hunting droid known as 4-LOM. During the events of "The Empire Strikes Back," Zuckuss can be seen amongst the other bounty hunters that have been called in by Darth Vader and tasked with tracking down Han Solo's Millennium Falcon.


Surprisingly, Zuckuss is one of the only "good" bounty hunters in the entire "Star Wars" universe. Although he started his career just as any other traditional bounty hunter would, Zuckuss would eventually take to only working for the Rebel Alliance later on in life. In fact, Zuckuss and 4-LOM were even attempting to rescue Han Solo, as opposed to capturing him, during "Empire" but unfortunately Boba Fett got to him first.


As previously stated, Zuckuss chooses to work primarily for the Rebel Alliance which eventually evolves into the New Republic. Therefore, it wouldn't be completely out of the question to see Zuckuss bounty hunting for the New Republic in "Star Wars VII." Alternatively, Zuckuss is also diagnosed with schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder towards the end of his career. That being said, perhaps we could just get a quick shot of Zuckuss hanging out in the psych ward of the penal facility on Coruscant.