'Monsters' And Zombies Swarm The Weekend Box Office

Monsters University


Everyone in the world expected big things from "Monsters University," the latest effort from flawless box office champions Pixar, but it was the surprise success of Brad Pitt's zombie apocalypse tent pole "World War Z" that took this weekend's ticket receipts to another level.

The "Monster Inc." sequel hauled in $82 million, the second biggest opening ever for the animation studio, behind their massive 2010 hit "Toy Story 3." With another sequel success in the bag for Pixar, don't be surprised to see more follow-ups coming down the pipeline in years to come, beyond "Finding Dori," which is already scheduled for a November 2015 release date.

Despite the studios attempts to hide the fact that "World War Z" is, in fact, a zombie movie, audiences flocked to the theaters in a manner not unlike the undead hordes in the film itself. "World War Z" brought in $66 million, a somewhat happy ending for a troubled production that grabbed many headlines during its months of delays and reshoots.

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