Flatbush Zombies Review 'World War Z'

By Mike Brilliant

With today's release of "World War Z," there are many outlets reviewing the film. So where do you go to get the most honest opinion? The team from NextMovie met up with hip-hop group Flatbush Zombies and put them on the spot for their latest episode of Rappers Review Movies. The group discussed the special effects, what sets this movie apart from other zombie movies and most notably, Brad Pitt’s hair.

“I like that they went all around the world and didn’t stay in a mall,” Meechy Darko enthused. He continued to discuss with his “girl on the right” (Zombie Juice) that “movement is key to life.”

Formed in Brooklyn in 2010, the Flatbush Zombies first gained attention with their YouTube video "Thug Waffle." (It should probably also be noted that they've said they were inspired by the "Return of the Living Dead" video game that they played when they were younger. BRAINS!)

Watch the clip above to get the real deal from these Brooklyn-raised rappers, who love the walking dead so much that they named their group after them.

Do you plan to see "World War Z" this weekend?

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