Teen Reactions To The 'Catching Fire' Trailer Is The Week's Most Important News

Catching Fire

By Amelia Mularz

In a baffling display of human emotion, teenagers seem really excited about something in the future. More specifically, they're, "AHHH SO EXCITED" about the upcoming Hunger Games flick, "Catching Fire."

Teenagers, who are widely regarded as the surliest beings on the planet, typically exhibit sourpuss expressions and an affliction for loitering in public places, like local Taco Bells. Their interest in music, literature, and cinema can be summed up with the single word, "whatever."

However, in a recent video by Fine Brothers Productions, teens reacted with uncharacteristic glee to a trailer for Catching Fire, which is due out November 22. They screamed, they giggled, they even sang, "This girl is on fire!"

In a shocking twist, some of the youngsters actually admitted to reading...and enjoying it. Even the one juvenile (with disproportionately large glasses and a piercing in her face) who said of reading, "Ain't nobody got time for that," couldn't hide her adoration for "The Hunger Games" movie. She said of the film, "Honestly...it was kinda good."

The adolescents also displayed an inexplicable interest in violence and gore. One juvenile demanded, "More blood! Bring on the blood!" while a young man explained that the series appeals to teens so much "probably because it has the whole aspect of lying and murder." Noted.

But while this uproarious display of elation is new and will be cataloged for further study, what remains the same is our inability to pinpoint exactly what makes this teenage species tick. As one girl who was overcome with excitement explained, "You don't understand. You just don't."