James Franco Needs Your Help For His Next Project

Ever since "Veronica Mars" took to Kickstarter to get their movie going, there has been a very loud and confusing debate (mostly over Twitter) about whether all of this was okay. It only got worse with Zach Braff, who was a polarizing figure even before he decided to make his movie "his way," so it might interest those who aren't utterly exhausted by the conversation that an even more controversial figure has thrown his many hats into the ring.

James Franco just kicked off an indiegogo campaign to bring the three short stories featured in his first book, "Palo Alto," to the big screen. The actor has hand selected three of his favorite NYU filmmakers to each take on one of the stories. Franco put in money himself, but he needs an additional $500,000 to completely fund the project.

But before you start trying to fit your screed about how wrong this is into 140 characters, you might want to read the next part.

As Franco explains in the video above, all of the proceeds from the "Palo Alto" project will go to Project Elysium, a charity that has nothing to do with Matt Damon movies and everything to do with connecting sick children with the arts.

So how does the charitable slant of Franco's indiegogo campaign affect your opinion of the actor's crowd-funding? Does knowing that the proceeds will go to charity make you any more likely to donate? How does this compare to something like Braff's movie?

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