Which British Heroes Could American Actors Play?

Man of Steel

By Rachel Samples

On June 14th, the world will be saved...again. "Man of Steel," the latest superhero film by Zack Snyder, director of "Watchmen" and "300," features a new face to star as Superman: 30-year-old Henry Cavill. With slicked-back hair and thick rimmed glasses, you might not even realize he is Superman, or better yet, British.

Along with being made of steel, Cavill is best known as being one of the sexiest Brits alive. He is the first British actor to score the coveted role of Superman, the ultimate American hero. If a Brit can make it as an American hero, which American actors and actresses would make the cut as British heroes?

We've decided to cast some familiar Americans as British hero roles, along with the villains he or she would face. Check out our picks after the jump!

Meryl Streep as J.K. Rowling

A world-renowned author must be played by a world-renowned actress. Streep is capable of any character ranging from...well...anything. Streep's experience playing British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, one of the most powerful women in politics, has prepared her for this pivotal British role. With the accent already rehearsed, Streep as J.K. Rowling, even with the age difference, could be a magical pairing.

Villain: People who don't read

Big Time Rush as One Direction

It's like you can already hear the sweet, sweet harmony of three or more boys singing together at one time from a mile away. Big Time Rush as One Direction gives you the same youthful energy, screaming girls and amount of hair product — without the accents. But, wait! Big Time Rush has only four members compared to the five member ensemble of One Direction. Don't you worry, they can search YouTube and find another band mate in a couple minutes.

Villain: The Wanted, growing up

Melissa McCarthy as Adele

Both can make a crowd cry: one with her raspy, melodic singing voice and the other with jokes about food poisoning and stealing puppies. (Adele is the one with the voice, by the way.) McCarthy, although she would need a voice track to match the vocal abilities of Adele, would definitely not need the laugh track. The British charm and easygoing nature of Adele parallels McCarthy’s quick and natural sense of humor. Adele and McCarthy are crowd favorites, whether it's topping the album or movie charts.

Villain: Humorless people

Ryan Gosling as David Beckham

America's hottest actor playing England's hottest dad. Any objections? Anyone? Anyone at all? Gosling, athletic and built, would be perfect as soccer standout David Beckham, both on and off the field. Gosling can play a family man. Gosling can play sports. Gosling can be mine. To garner even more attention at the box office, the film idea could be tweaked a bit to have both Ryan Gosling and David Beckham starring in a movie together, maybe playing with puppies all/or most of the time. Just trying to give the people what they want, right?

Villain: Clothing

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield as Prince William & Princess Kate

College sweethearts everywhere have hope after following the royal romance of William and Kate through marriage and now a pregnancy. It's difficult to cast an American celebrity couple that shares the same likeability, manners, and lasting power as Will and Kate, but Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are the first that come to mind. (They're at least half-American.) He is Spider-Man; she is a scientist. Will is a prince; Kate is a princess. There's a distinct connection between royalty and being superhero that would only boost the believability of Garfield and Stone as the adorable royal couple.

Villain: Long term relationships, paparazzi