'White House Down' Four-Minute Trailer Makes It Look Even More Like 'Die Hard'

White House

When your pitch for a movie is "Die Hard in the White House," it communicates pretty well what we can expect. There's going to be a lone, witty hero in a tank top who has to beat the odds to save the day, expect this time the president will be involved.

That's what we've seen so far from "White House Down," a new action movie starring Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum as John McClane John Cale. (Yes, you can spell "John Cale" but rearranging letters and deleting three of them from "John McClane.")

But now a new four-minute trailer is showing us just how "Die Hard"-y "White House Down" will be. Hint: There's a talkative, eccentric computer wiz working for the terrorists. Check it out after the jump!

"White House Down" opens on June 28.

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