'The Purge' Legally Kills 'Fast & Furious' And 'The Internship'

There's a term that people throw around when talking about the summer box office, and that's "sleeper hit," meaning a movie that was never expected to be anything big by analysts but manages do well regardless. Within the term "sleeper hit," there's a more specific and special distinction, and that's "sleeper hit of the summer," and it looks like we've got one one our hands.

"The Purge," the near-future home invasion flick starring Ethan Hawke, handedly won the box office over holdover champion "Fast & Furious 6" and the newcomer, "The Internship," with a three-day haul of $36 million.

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The thriller comes from Blumhouse, the company behind the "Paranormal Activity" movies, so big profits on low budget is kind of their thing. The company had enough faith in "The Purge" to preemptively apply for a California tax break on a sequel. With the financials in their favor both from the box office and the state of California, expect to see a "Purge 2: The Purgening" sooner rather than later.