Vince Vaughn And Owen Wilson Hope To Say Something With 'The Internship'

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are reteaming after crashing a couple weddings back in 2005 for "The Internship," a workplace comedy that casts them as interns at the tech giant Google. The duo is up to their usual shenanigans, but as they told MTV News' Amy Wilkinson at Google HQ, there's also a heart to the story that makes it important right now.

"The movie is really about what's going on now," Vaughn said. "A lot of young people who are entering the workforce — there's a lot of fear about what kind of jobs are out there, and people who are older are losing jobs. So I think the movie really takes people who are put in a position that feels fearful or things have gone against them, that they're willing to kind of humble themselves and not give up on a dream and try to believe in themselves even when things present themselves not to be so easy. And I think that's something that all of us can really relate to."

Watch more of their interview in the video above!

"The Internship" opens in theaters today.