Exclusive 'V/H/S/2' Poster Teases 'The Raid' Director's Short


For the second trip back to the world of outdated video formats and found footage shorts, the folks behind "V/H/S/2" assembled a team of seriously talented directors to create segments for the anthology series, included the director of the amazing "The Raid: Redemption," Gareth Evans.

Evans' segment, which he co-directed with Timo Tjahjanto, is called "Safe Haven," and the trailer gave us the sense that they mean that ironically, since it involves a bunch of men shooting themselves in the head simultaneously. Plus, there was that exploding guy.

Anyway, MTV Movies blog is pleased to bring you an exclusive poster from artist James Stokoe that plays off some of the imagery from "Safe Haven." Check out the full poster after the jump!


"V/H/S/2" is available on VOD today!