Watch The Trailer For Lifetime's Anna Nicole Biopic From 'American Psycho' Director

Lifetime network movies have never promised quality — or even competent — filmmaking, and that's fine. Who cares? They're usually incredibly entertaining. (Do yourself a favor and watch "Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life" starring Jeremy Sumpter aka J.D. McCoy from "Friday Night Lights." It's about addiction to internet porn, and it's amazing.) But the latest effort from the channel for your mom has some actual talent behind it.

"The Anne Nicole Story" may look like your typical Lifetime fare, but this doomed celebrity biopic is helmed by Mary Harron, who directed Christian Bale in his career-best performance in "American Psycho."

The trailer is surprisingly effective and promises as sad of a story as you'd expect from a retelling of the model's tragic, drugged-out life.

"The Anna Nicole Story" also stars Cary Elwes, Adam Goldberg, Martin Landau and Virginia Madsen and debuts on Lifetime on June 29 and plays every Sunday afternoon until the end of eternity.