Will Smith Has Terrifying 'Wild Wild West' Flashback Thanks To 'After Earth'

After Earth

When the checkered flag waved on this past weekend's box office, "Fast & Furious 6" once again took the top prize from two strong newcomers, but it was those two movies that made for the more interesting stories.

Typically a flawless champion of the summer movie tent pole, Will Smith failed to find audiences almost entirely with "After Earth," the new sci-fi movie starring his son, Jaden. The post-apocalyptic movie didn't have the light, humorous tone that usually spells success for Smith, and audiences voted with their dollars, favoring "Now You See Me," a movie about bank-robbing magicians, instead. That's right, bank-robbing magicians — one of whom is Jesse Eisenberg.

Despite a 64 percent fall, "Furious 6" still collected $34 million, while "Now You See Me" took in $28 million during its opening weekend, $1 million ahead of "After Earth" with $27 million.

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