Jaden And Will Smith Face Off On 'After Earth' Red Carpet

Any father-son relationship, especially when the boy is in his teens, can be a contentious one, but things can get even more complicated when the duo is starting in a movie together. Luckily, Will and Jaden Smith seem to be taking the work around their latest collaboration, "After Earth," in stride, without any personal issues coming to the front.

But being the troublemaker that he is, MTV News' Josh Horowitz headed to the red carpet premiere of "After Earth" in New York to see what kind of mischief he could drum up.

When speaking with Will and Jaden, Horowitz had the father son duo spar in a no-holds-barred rapid-fire question and answer session. They would have to decide who was better at what, and they handled it pretty agreeably. Check it out in the video above.