‘Drive,’ ‘Iron Man 3’ Directors Considered For ‘Bond 24’

UPDATE: Deadline is reporting that Sam Mendes is likely to return, so there’s that.

For our money, if you’re a warm-blooded movie lover, things don’t get much cooler than “Drive,” the 2011 Ryan Gosling movie from director Nicolas Winding Refn. The duo premiered a new movie, “Only God Forgives,” at the Cannes Film Festival last week that is set for release in July, but an interview the Danish director game has people already speculating about what’s next for the director.

While speaking with First Showing, Refn fielded a question about “Bond 24” and whether he’s in the mix to direct it. He said nothing other than that he “loves Bond,” but leaves it at that. (He smirks, which was enough to get nerdy imaginations filling in the blanks.)

Shortly after article went up, sources including Variety, posted updates on where the search for a new Bond director stood, complete with a shortlist of directors EON is considering.

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