'Pacific Rim' Featurette Explains What Makes Monster Beat-Downs Possible

The unfortunate souls that didn't make it into Hall H for the big unveiling of Guillermo del Toro's monsters-versus-robots battle royale, "Pacific Rim," missed out on an explanation of a key detail that is sure to give the movie a lot of its emotional heft.

Trailers for "Pacific Rim" show two suited pilots at the controls of the skyscraper-tall jaegers that battle the invading kaiju, which caused some people to ask why there needed to be more than one and even some accusations of cheap plot devices. In reality, the two-person team exists because of the enormity of the machine they're controlling.

As a new featurette (via IGN) explains, the neural bridge made to pilot the jaeger reveals the entire content of one person's brain to the other, in order to completely synchronize the two. We see in some footage that early experiments with one pilot ended badly, thus the two-pilot system was born.

"Pacific Rim" opens in theaters on July 12.

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