'Halo' Television Series: Microsoft Announces Steven Spielberg-Produced Project


The entire gaming community was anticipating today's big announcement from Microsoft, which unveiled its new Xbox One gaming console, but the project that has everyone talking was one that no one saw coming.

As a part of their big presentation, Microsoft announced a "Halo" television series that will be produced by Steven Spielberg. The sci-fi action franchise has seemed poised for live-action adaptation since it first hit shelves in 2001, but this is the first time fans will get to see the Spartans outside of a few well-produced ads.

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There's no word on how this series will be brought to your screen. One of the biggest aspects of the Xbox One that Microsoft touted during its hour-long press conference today was the easy of switching between gaming and live television with the use of your voice and Kinnect.

It's possible that Xbox One will offer original video content similar to Netflix, meaning that you would have to be an Xbox Live subscriber in order to watch the "Halo" television series.

The series is being described a "premium" programming, which essentially means that they're going to spend some money making. This isn't exactly surprising to anyone familiar with the games, since the action takes place on other worlds and includes battle against alien species.

This is the second highest profile "Halo" project to date. The first, Peter Jackson's feature film that would have been directed by future "District 9" helmer Neill Blomkamp, failed to get off the ground due to studio turmoil.

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